How to Apply for Your Chosen Student Health Insurance Policy

Apply for student health insurance

Now that you have taken the time to research all of your student health insurance options, you should be comfortable in your decision of which health plan best meets your specific needs. Now you will need to submit an application for enrollment on your selected health plan. If you have chosen the original student health insurance plan offered by your college, you may already be enrolled. Many colleges will automatically enroll full-time students in their student health plan and the cost will be added to your registration fees. If this is the case with your college, you will not need to submit an application in most cases. Check with your student health insurance center for confirmation on this if you are not certain.

If you have chosen to apply for a private student health insurance plan, or an individual health insurance policy, you will need to submit an application and premium payment. Most health insurance applications require payment of premium at time of applying. Your premium payment should be fully refundable if your application is not accepted.

When completing your application for private health insurance, you will be asked a series of questions that will be used to determine your eligibility and also your risk factor. If you are currently under treatment for a serious illness or injury, or have a history of certain conditions, your application may be denied. It is important to understand that full disclosure and honesty on these health questions in your best interest. If you falsify your application, you run the risk of losing your coverage and becoming financially responsible for any medical expenses that you have incurred while covered under this plan. Your signature on a health insurance application also authorizes the insurance company to obtain medical records from previous physicians or hospitals. If review of your medical records indicates that you falsely answered a health question on your application, your health insurance policy may be rescinded. This is not a risk worth taking, so make sure to answer all questions completely and honestly.

During the application process you will also be asked to select an effective date of coverage. This should coincide with the termination of an existing health insurance policy or should start as soon as possible based on eligibility requirements. Many student health insurance policies can be made effective as soon as the date following the application submittal and many insurance companies have online applications which expedite the process. It is also best to submit your application as early in advance as possible. In some cases, the insurance company may want to review medical records before they approve your application, and this process can take several weeks. There may also be limitation on how early you can submit your application. This is typically no sooner than 60 days prior to your requested effective date of coverage.