Advantages of a Putting Your Family on a Private Health Plan

Private Family Health Insurance

Once you have enrolled your family in a private individual health insurance policy, the insurance company may never single you out and cancel your coverage. There are only two reasons why your insurance can be cancelled without your approval; 1) non-payment of premium and 2) fraud from false information provided on your enrollment application. As long as you have told the truth on the application and you continue to make your premium payments, you can keep your family insured for many years under the same policy and reduce the risk of being uninsured. Adults may remain on an individual health insurance policy up to the age of 65, at which time they become eligible for Medicare. Dependent children on a family health plan may remain on the policy until they have graduated from college. The eligibility guidelines for dependent children vary from state-to-state and may even vary from one insurance company to another. Many states are enacting or considering legislation that will extend the maximum age for dependent children insured under a family’s health insurance plan. Check with your insurance company or agent to know the dependent age maximums in your state.

Greater Choices

In every state you will find a multitude of insurance companies that offer individual and family health insurance. Each of these insurance companies provides a variety of health plan options designed to meet the varying needs of the consumers in that state. When choosing to insure your family under an individual policy, the choices available to you will be so vast that you are likely to have a hard time choosing the right one.

You Make the Decisions

If your insurance company raises your rates, you have the freedom to find a different insurance company. If your insurance company does not provide you with the proper customer service, you have the freedom to find a different insurance company. If you doctor stops accepting your insurance, you can select a different insurance company with whom he participates. Regardless of the reasons, you are in full control of your family’s health care needs when insured under a private family health insurance policy. The exception to this might be if a family member has developed a medical condition while insured under your current insurance. If the medical condition is one that would cause other insurance carriers to deny coverage, that family member may be forced to remain on the policy. Healthy family members may move coverage to another insurance company, without affecting the coverage and benefits of the family member that must remain on the existing plan.